Saturday, 16 July 2011


A. About 6000 years, Creation of full package!-mankind included exactly in 3987 B.C.)- H01y SHiT
B. 4.5 Billion (4,500,000,000) years - Radiometric Age Dating of meteorite material
C. Exactly 31 FEB 1898,112 years - Grandma's cousin's diary(may be boyfriends)

I can not believe that 4.5 Billion SHiT because meteorite material can't withstand from decaying for that long time, even though they could survive for such a long time no-one could find them. I tried to find my other SOCK, blue and green one!, I left it under my bed or table for sure, never beside the kitchen sink. But it is missing. Thanks my intuition I CROSS OFF 4.5 thing!

Oldest part of H01y SHiT was written in 1445 B.C., but as it says full package was created in 3987 B.C.. In contrast "3987-1445=2542". Can any bloody AS-wHole remember anything so exactly something for such a long time without recording b100dy things on 0ne's AAS...?

My grandma had three cousins and the oldest sister(bit silly) had a good habit of recording everything. Fortunately her second or third boyfriend had the same bad habit. Three years ago when their house was burnt to ruin. Three days after the incident I found half burnt hardback. In the second page clearly describes the arrival of god in order to start everything else(it is recorded! nothing is estimated, calculated, imagined, or spun) -  OH MY GOD, YOU CAME  TODAY & CREATED EVERYSHiT STRAIGHT AWAY..couples of days later they were split and never met for the rest of their lives!.

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