Saturday, 16 July 2011


Shit 1:
If you don't know much, You can't do much!
So my dear idiot... improve your knowledge to see bit more!

Shit 2:
If you can't do it, You don't do it!
Don't get F*uked, look for SMART alternative. Good l*uk!

Shit 3:
If you don't know anything, don't do anything leave it alone! Just F*uk around it won't do any harm.
Don't use machineries, instrument or whatever blindly, just because of you have seen it. If  you do it you will be a piece of shit and machine or whatever will become pile of scrap!


H01y $hIT-LIFE IS GIFT OF GOD (first 4 Google search results 1 2 3 4)
The Stupid Theory- LIFE IS "A" RESULT OF F*UK. (no need to google search, any shithead knows)

! don't know much about G0D...may be u kn0w better than me!
By being a shithead I have a shitty idea too...

1. The Definition of F*CK - never mind !

2. The Definition of F*C-King - pretty serious !
There are only three kind of life on earth(animals, plants, & fungi) nothing else. Each and every species reproduces(It is one of the requirement to distinguish a certain species). It is the biological activity(mechanism) to produce better new generation(better in every aspect when compared to their previous generation) to fit bit more well to new challenges of life(climate, hazards, diseases, etc). F*cking is the physical activity to mix the characteristics of two NATURALLY SELECTED(usually) opposite sex members of a species.Finally the composition of the characteristics of the resultant also fully RANDOMLY SELECTED. Regardless of the presence of sexual intercourse any sort of a mechanism of union of two opposite sex shit in the same species can be defined as F*C-King...... d0nt panic, just another king...not an emperor !!!

According to modern sc!ence, evolutionary biology, modern biology, modern zoology, all these shitty areas provide heaps of bloody evidence to prove that L!FE !S A(=another, may not be the ma!n) RESULT 0F F*UK!
-------------------b0tt0m 1!ne----------------------

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