Saturday, 16 July 2011



When you do things online you can save a lot of time, money, and resources. For instant if you want to pay a utility bill you can go to the bank or post office it consumes your effort to walk, fuel for your car, bus fare, your time and cashier’s time. At the end of the day you have expend extra $10.00 for and your effort just to pay $90 bill that is more than 20% when you add expenses and your effort together. You can use phone banking too, it is a good idea if you can hold the line for a long time and finely if you can wait until they get you back!

Most of the banks and businesses provide you with online buying and paying facility. If you want to buy a camera go online search a bit (, my personal favourite) get to know about available products. Go to online store look at their products. Find a product that matches your need.  Again search for prices. Then find a average price (there are hidden costs, mailing, taxes, insurance, sometimes you have to buy important parts as accessories while some dealers sell them with the main item for a little bit higher price) It’s a good idea to first visit the OEM (original equipment manufacturers website first, Then you may buy exactly the same produce from a shop you would like). Find a popular seller if you suspect about them don’t buy, give them a call, or search their name with a appropriate key word to check whether they are genuine or not. It is a good idea to find a shop from your own country. Because it is easier to correct things if something goes wrong, otherwise you will end up with credit card fraud or costly international phone cost. If you are not dealing with European country, South America, Singapore, Australia, Japan, or NZ think twice! If you don’t understand something call them. If you email them don’t give them your bank details or credit card details until you convince there legitimacy. Never email your credit card, or bank details. Provide only your credit card details at the checkout at the online shop, PayPal is a good idea!

For instant say if you want to pay electricity, water, phone, or traffic fine almost all the payments could be done online. I have paid all of my traffic fines (they were terrific!), parking fines, utility bills, rents online. Some of the transactions we can automate for an instant your utility rent is a fixed a mount so you can set it to pay weekly or monthly (transfer only to a nominated account). Then you won’t get anyone’s blame and you don’t have to worry about it no blames, no extra expenses, and no time waste. I buy bus, train tickets, movie tickets, zoo online even make reservations online, even online check in! I don’t have to wait in lengthy queues for hours. Why you suffer in a queue at the beginning of an exciting journey.

GO online GO green

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