Saturday, 16 July 2011


The Japanese army sent kamikaze pilots for critical battles with Allid ships during World Wor II. They were sort of  ancient  samurai warriers who died with honour. During Vietnam War civilians were used as suicide bombers, thereafter armies and terrist organizations often used suicide attackers to distroy military leaders, civilians, key persons, politicians, properties.

Suiciding is  another SHiT! in civil socity. Lithuania lost 58 men and 9 wemen for every 100,000 people in 2009 while Kazakshtan lost 46 and 9 respectively in 2009.Suiciding is  another SHiT!. Simply it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Why you cut off limbs just because of a scratch on your knee!. Are you the first one who got a scratch on your knee?. There are millions who lost there toes but they never wanted to get rid of their whole limb. Why do you want then? SEE still you are lucky you only got a scratch.


It is horrible to goto the final judgement court. You will never get a soliciter (Never even think about that lawer). Because you have get F*ued yourself. You can't pass blame to anyone. I know the judge their, one of my father-in-laws, terrible man. I'm pritty sure thet he will say "GO TO HELL",(he always used to say when he was alive) "NEXT PLEASE". Never dream for a Heven VISA. You can't go their by boat even as a refugee.

If you believe that the only remaining solution is suicide. Don't believe that you have no solution, because still you have one last solution to use in case. LEAVE it as THE final TRUMF CARD. Try one more time... Still one more time...Still you have the TRUMF CARD...Try one more time...again and again... everybody else does the same thing...nobody does it better than you... Try one more time... NEVER WASTE YOUR LAST TRUMF CARD...YOU HAVE ONLY ONE...NEVER GIVE IT AWAY...KEEP IT...LIVE WITH IT...LOVE IT...IT IS YOURS...IT IS YOUR LIFE...SAVE IT.

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